How to create a successful induction program

How To Create a Successful Induction Program

As all of you know, first impressions are crucial, and a new employee's initial experience of your workplace can have a major impact on their future(...)

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06 July 2018

6 Ways to Support Learners through m-learning

6 Ways to support learners through m-learning

Like all technologies, mobile learning comes with its own advantages, possibilities, and disadvantages. With some thought and planning, we can(...)

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04 July 2018

HR’s role in reducing economic crime and occupational fraud

Occupational fraud or economic crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Timely education can make a big difference. 

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26 October 2017

Case studies: The value of Hazard Insight in mining and civil construction

Hazard perception training saved $140,000 per month and reduced injuries by 15%. It also increased hazard reporting while reducing the frequency of safety incidents.

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25 October 2017

Surprising new research findings on workplace mental health for FIFO and other workers

This week, ABC News reported Dr Sue Bahn’s workplace research findings that short FIFO work ‘swings’ are more stressful, and mental health profiles differ by age, gender and industry sector.(...)

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20 October 2017

Franchise innovation: A practical solution to assist compliance with new workplace laws

The Velpic eLearning platform is a first and innovative training tool on the market that provides a solution beyond a review of a franchise agreement.

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17 October 2017

Velpic collaborator Tap into Safety's workplace mental health risk assessment tool evaluated in new ECU white paper

Congratulations, Dr Susanne Bahn, on the release of ECU’s white paper 'Analysis of the All of Me Mental Health Application: Addressing the importance of mental health care in the workforce'.

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13 October 2017

Safeguarding construction workers’ physical and mental wellbeing

Construction workers have higher injury and suicide rates than other hazardous industry sectors, and both are under-reported. We’ve done something about this.

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05 October 2017

[eBook] Managing people to maximise performance

Human Resource consultant and coach Jayne Griffiths shares a practical roadmap you can use to create fantastic workplaces.

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08 March 2017

[Infographic] Virtual Reality for Workplace Training

The nature of work has changed and so has the way we learn. The science of virtual reality brings exciting immersive ways to better organise, manage, develop, and align your people at work.

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02 March 2017

[Infographic] Managing People to Maximise Performance

What do HR managers need to know about managing people, dealing with workplace conflict and increasing employee engagement?

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24 February 2017

How augmented and virtual reality will change the world of education

Emerging technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enormous promise when it comes to education and training, especially in some very niche areas that are extremely difficult to(...)

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23 February 2017

Game-based learning and Cortex Interactive

There is no doubt that people are striving for more interactive and engaging training content. But for me, there are some question marks around how people are going about the development and(...)

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14 February 2017

A wake-up call for schools regarding workplace safety

The High Court judgment in a recent court case should stand as a red flag to schools that they might find themselves liable in damages to employees if they fail to observe their statutory duty.

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29 November 2016

Workplace safety measures for schools: Hume Anglican Grammar

In this follow-up blog, I’ll illustrate how schools can implement best-of-breed workplace induction and compliance training practices using Velpic’s innovative software.

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28 November 2016