03 March 2017

Size does matter: The genius of microlearning and batch sizing


When I first heard of ‘microlearning’—which means learning delivered in a way that’s short and focused—I realised it is so effective because it follows a breakthrough principle from Toyota.

Batching is a LEAN manufacturing principle, pioneered by Toyota, that revolutionised the manufacturing industry.

It’s a simple concept: If you have 100 cars to make, you focus on finishing each of them one by one instead of trying to finish all 100 at once.

Why? This drastically reduces the risk of failure.

If you make all 400 doors then try to fit them to 100 cars and they don’t fit because of a manufacturing issue, then you are stuck with 400 broken doors and 100 cars that need to wait for more doors to be made.

Instead, if you made one door and tried to fit it to one car and there is an issue, then it is far more isolated plus you have time to fix the issue so the other cars won’t be affected.

This is called reducing batching.

I feel like the same concept applies to learning.

  • If 50 employees go on a week-long orientation before they get into the workplace there is a high risk that crucial knowledge simply won’t be retained, not only by one person but by all of them!
  • The solution is for smaller groups of employees to learn exactly what they need to learn right before they need it to maximise efficiency.
In a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world, mobile devices allow companies to achieve this style of learning which is why Velpic has companion apps for both Android and iOS.

Google’s research suggests that 90% of smartphone users use their mobile device to advance on a goal while “out and about”, taking advantage of micro-moments in their busy day.

eLearning Industry suggests 10 compelling reasons why digital microlearning should be part of your success strategy in 2017: Because it is relevant and flexible, inspires loyalty, encourages achievement, enables rapid authoring, is cost effective, increases learner retention and learning success, enhances focus, and makes it easy to participate in learning.

What are practical ways you can implement microlearning in your workplace?
  • Produce learning content in 5 to 10 minute chunks that can be consumed on mobiles.
  • Provide bite-sized learningdon’t overwhelm your trainees with too much information at one go.
  • Ramp up the interactivitythink quizzes, virtual reality immersion, gamification.

And if you are looking for a next-generation learning experience platform that can help you do all that and more, hey, Velpic’s got you covered.

So take a bigger bite out of microlearning!

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