Velpic collaborator Tap into Safety's workplace mental health risk assessment tool evaluated in new ECU white paper

Congratulations, Dr Susanne Bahn, on the release of ECU’s white paper 'Analysis of the All of Me Mental Health Application: Addressing the importance of mental health care in the workforce'.

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13 October 2017

Safeguarding construction workers’ physical and mental wellbeing

Construction workers have higher injury and suicide rates than other hazardous industry sectors, and both are under-reported. We’ve done something about this.

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05 October 2017

5 novel ways the construction industry can ride the wave of digital disruption

With ground-breaking, novel technology wiping out entire industries and completely turning others on their head, how can the construction industry ride the wave of digital disruption to its own(...)

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26 September 2017

Why you should migrate your legacy Flash learning content to HTML5 now

Does your SCORM resource library contain content that’s written in Adobe Flash? Flash is dead. Don’t wait to convert your library of Flash video content to HTML5.

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07 September 2017

Velpic ranked #1 of 'Top 10 AR/VR Companies' on Techboard

Tech experts awarded Velpic the top spot on Techboard’s inaugural industry-specific ranking of companies worth watching, starting with the virtual and augmented reality space.

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18 August 2017

Canterbury Bulldogs step up rugby league training with Velpic Sport

The elite sportspersons of the future are created today. We start them young, and add e-learning for player development to the training mix. The results are promising.

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09 August 2017

New learning pathways, lesson feedback, editor role for users, and more

It's that time again! Here are the latest features we've released to help you get even more out of Velpic.  

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04 August 2017

Velpic launches Velpic Sport eCoaching platform for improving sports performance

Velpic is excited to launch Velpic Sport, an eCoaching platform for trainers, coaches, and their athletes and teams. 

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03 August 2017

Who’s innovating with VR in sports coaching and why should you care?

Virtual Reality is opening up exciting possibilities in professional and amateur sports. What do sports coaches need to know about VR to enhance their teams’ performance?

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20 July 2017

Next financial year, you will wish you started today

“What’s worse than training your employees and losing them? Not training them andkeeping them.” (Zig Ziglar). Are you maximising the business impact of your training practices?

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11 July 2017

[Case study] Multiplying the reach of a sales consultancy beyond face-to-face training

How may consultants leverage Velpic’s technology to expand their business while solving old problems in whole new ways?

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06 July 2017

4 practical tips for launching Virtual Reality learning

Are you thinking of launching VR training in your organisation, but are not quite sure what to do next? Here are some suggestions to give you a better sense of what it entails.

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30 June 2017

How VR makes learning more fun and effective: Technology Guide

Virtual Reality training is being used to increase employee and business performance. Here, we help you make sense of the hardware and software options.

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23 June 2017

7 creative tips to revitalise stale training

Reading text on a computer screen, and clicking next.Reading more text on a computer screen, and clicking next.

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19 June 2017

Why businesses need an LMS

I often get asked why businesses need a Learning Management System—LMS for short.

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31 May 2017