Surprising new research findings on workplace mental health for FIFO and other workers

This week, ABC News reported Dr Sue Bahn’s workplace research findings that short FIFO work ‘swings’ are more stressful, and mental health profiles differ by age, gender and industry sector.(...)

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20 October 2017

Velpic collaborator Tap into Safety's workplace mental health risk assessment tool evaluated in new ECU white paper

Congratulations, Dr Susanne Bahn, on the release of ECU’s white paper 'Analysis of the All of Me Mental Health Application: Addressing the importance of mental health care in the workforce'.

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13 October 2017

Next financial year, you will wish you started today

“What’s worse than training your employees and losing them? Not training them andkeeping them.” (Zig Ziglar). Are you maximising the business impact of your training practices?

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11 July 2017

What ROI should you expect from your technology investment?

Do you often get asked this question, or ask it yourself? The answer forms the foundation of any successful organisation.

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01 May 2017



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