How to create a successful induction program

How To Create a Successful Induction Program

As all of you know, first impressions are crucial, and a new employee's initial experience of your workplace can have a major impact on their future(...)

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06 July 2018

6 Ways to Support Learners through m-learning

6 Ways to support learners through m-learning

Like all technologies, mobile learning comes with its own advantages, possibilities, and disadvantages. With some thought and planning, we can(...)

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04 July 2018

Is the 8 second attention span true?

Is the 8 second attention span true?

According to a study produced by Microsoft in 2015, people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly(...)

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02 July 2018

7 Tips to Make Learning Sticky

7 Tips to Creating Sticky Learning

Believe it or not, talking at and teaching at learners is not effective. Only learning that has meaning sticks. Only teaching that is relevant to the learner is(...)

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22 June 2018

Why Mobile Learning is paramount in 2018

Why Mobile Learning is paramount in 2018

Mobile learning, also known as m-learning, is an educational system. It supports, with the help of mobile devices, a continuous access to the learning(...)

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30 May 2018

10 Reasons to Leverage VR and AR

10 Reasons why businesses are introducing VR and AR in the workplace

First things first. What’s the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

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24 May 2018

Safety Learning Management System

Over the past few years businesses have been fascinated on how they can utilise a learning management system (LMS) to compliment their current OHS/ safety training.

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19 May 2018

How to Leverage Micro Learning

Micro Learning 2018

Micro-learning is more of a holistic approach for skill based learning and many people would define it as simply being about providing learners with small bites of learning(...)

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11 May 2018

How to Leverage Gamification in the Workplace Training

How To Leverage Gamification in the Workplace Training

There is a lot of conversation about how gamification is one of the biggest learning trends right now. But what exactly is it? How can(...)

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10 May 2018

Blended Learning - How to Guide

Blended Learning - How To Guide

There is a lot of conversation about how blended learning is one of the biggest learning trends right now. But what exactly is it?

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01 May 2018

Major Learning Trends for 2018

5 Major eLearning Trends 2018

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25 April 2018

HR’s role in reducing economic crime and occupational fraud

Occupational fraud or economic crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Timely education can make a big difference. 

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26 October 2017

Case studies: The value of Hazard Insight in mining and civil construction

Hazard perception training saved $140,000 per month and reduced injuries by 15%. It also increased hazard reporting while reducing the frequency of safety incidents.

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25 October 2017

Surprising new research findings on workplace mental health for FIFO and other workers

This week, ABC News reported Dr Sue Bahn’s workplace research findings that short FIFO work ‘swings’ are more stressful, and mental health profiles differ by age, gender and industry sector.(...)

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20 October 2017

Franchise innovation: A practical solution to assist compliance with new workplace laws

The Velpic eLearning platform is a first and innovative training tool on the market that provides a solution beyond a review of a franchise agreement.

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17 October 2017