16 March 2017

How to bring zombie learners back to life with inspiring training


There are people who dread training, and there are trainings that inspire that dread. How do you do things differently to get better results?

Move it to a mobile

Online learning is an absolute must for the modern-day learner’s lifestyle.
Flexibility is one of the greatest perks of online learning, to overcome limitations of time and place.

Online and mobile learning provide the ultimate engagement tools to teach and learn, and enable more successful learning moments.

Give it a human touch (less zombie)

While online learning has its advantages, learners may miss the social interaction of classroom training as they hide away like hermits behind the screens of their Internet devices, and trainers themselves may not be familiar with creating online content in the first place.

Instead of stripping back the social aspect of learning, it is important to keep the experience social with a human touch.

  • Learners would connect better with training content that features, for example, a video welcome message from the CEO, and bite-size videos of colleagues demonstrating onsite tasks.
  • Video content authors can have a more satisfying and successful if your content creation platform provides live chat that fosters a community of supportive learning.

Plan and make content epic

A crucial part of learner engagement relies on careful content planning.

Imagine treating yourself to a movie night out. You buy yourself a bucket of caramel popcorn and a Coke, sit down and start watching. Alas, Yet the film is a disappointment. It has no storyline, no characterisation and the cinematography is poor.

Online learning can be a bit like this.You can buy a fancy LMS with all the trimmings, but if you don’t work on your written content, it will end as a disappointment. No amount of caramel popcorn will mask an awful film.

So, grab a piece of paper and start writing down everything that comes to mind. This will serve a visual aid that will help you tell the good ideas from the not-so-good. This will help to tell a story. A 10/10 film.

Who are your learners, really?

No learning plan can be truly engaging if you don’t pay attention to the most important factor: the learners themselves. Your content needs to fulfill business objectives as well as resonate with the people receiving the lesson.

Why not invite everyone to participate in a survey and ask them what they value? You might discover that learners can sometimes be the best teachers.

Let’s play games with your LMS

People love games. A great game lets you do things you won’t or can’t in real life—that’s a part of its charm. Gamifying your content makes it more engaging.

What do people love more about games? Good ole competition! League tables spark competition from learners, pushing them to compete against each other. Whilst badges entice learners to keep pressing on for that next tantalising reward.

Bring your lesson to life!

Make it look good. If the visuals aren’t captivating, people will move on. Instead of grabbing random photos from Google, use artwork which is unique and well thought out. Get interactive input via quizzes. Immerse your learner in a 3D lesson with virtual reality.

The bottom line

If you invest time and effort in your content, your learners will find the exeperience of consuming that training more rewarding. Create it once, and use it multiple times.

If you put in the effort to make your training interesting, you could bring learner zombies back to life again. Why not explore how Velpic can help you do it all more easily?


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