28 November 2016

Workplace safety measures for schools: Hume Anglican Grammar


In this follow-up blog, I’ll illustrate how schools can implement best-of-breed workplace induction and compliance training practices using Velpic’s innovative software.

Further to my last blog, this is how a primary school in Victoria will use Velpic to minimise their exposure to legal liability.


Hume Anglican Grammar is an Independent Prep-12 Coeducational School located in Mickleham, an hour north of Melbourne.

Like many schools, Hume Anglican Grammar spends substantial time and resources on the following types of training:

  • Inductions for new teachers through professional development training sessions over one to two days at the start of the school year.
  • Ad hoc inductions for teachers or new administrative staff who join throughout the year.
  • Compliance-related training for all staff.
  • Inductions for new contractors and parent volunteers.
  • Offsite professional development courses.

Challenges. Schools are very busy places with structured schedules, and this makes it difficult to find a time that is suitable for a large group to do training all together. It is also a waste of time and cost that contractors have to arrive early just to do inductions, and that replacement staff have to be brought in to cover those who attend offsite training.


The School wants to achieve the following more efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Streamline the induction process and manage required compliance training better
  • Track training activities and automate them where possible.
  • Give staff greater access to professional development opportunities which provide the flexibility to accommodate their demanding schedules
  • Provide offsite inductions for contractors and parent volunteers so that they can arrive at the School totally prepared for the task at hand.


Hume Anglican Grammar made the decision to implement Velpic for its 100 or so employees because Velpic made it possible for the School to access the technological benefits of an extensive Learning Management System or LMS for a price not previously attainable for organisations of this size with limited budgets.

Projected Results

Using Velpic helps Hume Anglican Grammar achieve the following:
  • Allow the professional development opportunities offered to staff to increase significantly.
  • Ensure all compliance training is efficiently carried out and effectively tracked.
  • Enable the School to streamline the onboarding process for new teachers and staff.
  • Allow parent volunteers and contractors to complete inductions before arriving on site.
  • Save considerable time allowing staff to complete required training when it is suitable for their timetable.
  • Allow the School to save significantly on its annual training costs by reducing spending to a little over the cost of a handful of offsite PD courses.

A game-changing strategy for a pressing issue pertinent to schools

The above is just one example of how using Velpic can simplify training to increase learning—for the purpose of improving an organisation’s performance to accelerate its success.

Velpic is a publicly-listed company that’s passionate about empowering people through training and knowledge sharing. While we primarily fulfill this through Velpic the product (our innovative next-generation LMS software that disrupts the global multibillion dollar LMS industry), we also collaborate with industry-leading experts to produce a variety of personal and professional development resources under our Thought Leadership initiative.

A pressing issue pertinent to schools comes in the wake of a recent High Court decision alerting schools to be vigilant in their workplace safety practices.

For schools only: Compliance training made simple

Schools can now leverage Velpic’s full flagship services and Mills Oakley’s ongoing expert content in our Schools Pack—at a fraction of both our commercial offerings for a single annual fee—because we know this game-changing strategy can transform the way your school conducts workplace training to minimise its exposure to legal liability.

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