13 October 2017

Velpic collaborator Tap into Safety's workplace mental health risk assessment tool evaluated in new ECU white paper

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Congratulations, Dr Susanne Bahn, on the release of ECU’s white paper 'Analysis of the All of Me Mental Health Application: Addressing the importance of mental health care in the workforce'.

Velpic collaborates with Dr Bahn to provide an integrated risk assessment and training toolkit that allows organisations to identify risks, then intervene and track the physical and mental well-being of their workforce faster and better.

The ECU white paper comments that "All of Me is a software solution that has been developed to provide organisations with an additional measure of staff stress, anxiety and depression while increasing mental health literacy and encouraging help-seeking. The software has been designed to reduce the stigma associated with poor mental health that inhibits help-seeking for support."

The white paper is available for instant download.

For more information on Velpic’s collaboration with Dr Bahn, please visit Velpic Construction page.

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