04 January 2017

How to easily uphold workplace health and safety in your business


If your employee is injured while they are at work and therefore under your responsibility, it is traumatic for both employee and employer, emotionally and financially.

There are several things you can do as an employer to uphold health and safety easily while running your business.

  • Find out what Workplace Health and Safety legislation applies to you
  • List pertinent requirements based on required legislation
  • Ensure employees are aware of operating policies for working in hazardous areas
  • Deliver training in a way that overcomes the limitations of traditional practices
  • Make sure you get the latest information to the right people all the time
  • Achieve all of the above while spending less time, money, and effort

#1 Find out what Workplace Health and Safety legislation applies to you

In Australia where I am based, most states abide by legislation based on occupational health and safety harmonisation, which is a great initiative from 2011 aimed at bringing all of Australia under a common legislation so there is less confusion, especially if your business operates from different states.

#2 List pertinent requirements based on required legislation

After familiarising yourself with required legislation, you may find common requirements, for example:

  • Dangerous noises need to be controlled—you must protect your employees’ hearing by reducing noise or providing protective equipment; and
  • Hazardous chemicals must be clearly marked so anyone in the area is well informed.

There are likely to be many other requirements like the above which make physical work sites safe, and these are easy to think of and address as they are quite visual problems.

#3 Ensure employees are aware of operating policies for working in hazardous areas

Once you have discovered the information that you need to tell your staff—so they can carry out their tasks in the safest possible way at all times—the most common ways to deliver that information may not be the most effective.

You could call everyone into a room and inform them yourself. 

  • This could work in a small company for sharing most of the information to your employees.
  • LIMITATIONS: How can you tell who is paying attention, how much they actually understand, and how much information each individual will remember and use? And what happens when your business grows and there are a lot more people to train?

You could hire a trainer to come and deliver the content.

  • Trainers would likely be more effective in delivering the content as they are trained to share information in ways that are easy to understand.
  • LIMITATIONS: What happens if all of your employees are not available at the same time to attend? Or if all the people you need to train are located in different cities and time zones, and need to be trained at different times of the year?

Whether you inform employees yourself or hire a trainer to deliver safety training, in the unfortunate situation where someone has an accident due to unsafe practices, it would be hard to know and prove whether they had been given every opportunity possible to really know what the best practices were.

This is the area which Velpic demonstrates its strengths.

#4 Deliver training in a way that overcomes the limitations of traditional practices

Who’s paying attention and really learning effectively?

  • You can tell with Velpic because it keeps records of who has completed which version of which video lesson, and when.
  • Each assigned lessons can be self-paced and set to progress only when the learner provides the right answers to pop-up questions related to the content—this means each learner has the option of rewatching the content as many times as necessary until they are provide the correct answers to assessment questions.
  • Such individualised learning experiences would be very difficult to offer in a group training session as it would be frustrating for the attendees who are following easily, and daunting for someone who is struggling to ask for help over and over.

How much information does each employee remember and use?

  • To prevent recall from fading over time, you can easily schedule repeat or refresher lessons and assessments to help with information retention, and establish a positive habit of ongoing learning—without incurring the costs of organising training sessions in person every time.
  • Velpic video is happy to update and repeat content as often as possible to give every employee the best opportunity to learn at their own pace.

What if some employees are not available for trainer-led classes?

  • This problem is solved with online delivery of secure video lessons through our learning management system (LMS). Training can be assigned simultaneously to any number of employees, who can then consume the content on their mobiles or computers at anytime no matter where they are.
  • This ensures that the content delivered to each employee is fully consistent, and nothing is forgotten at the time of delivery, or six months later (you can reassign the same lesson to specific people as many times as you wish).

The happy ending

As soon as a user has watched their learning content and completed assessments, you can be sure that you, the employer, has fulfilled your duty of care to inform your employees as fully as possible on the important health and safety content that you wish to deliver.

Why? Because there are detailed individualised training records for every person on every lesson watched and every question answered, you can be certain when training is complete.

That solves the major operational training limitations in one fell swoop.

It also creates lots of rich data that can be used to guide future business plans.

Now, what about the content itself? How do you ensure the most important information gets to the people who need it when they need it?

#5 Make sure you get the latest information to the right people all the time

Velpic allows you to control and manage training content more flexibly and with greater responsiveness than you ever could with traditional training methods.

With Velpic you can create content in any of these ways:

  • Obtain ready-made expert training content from a comprehensive list of topics available via the Velpic Marketplace for immediate use.
  • Upload existing training PDFs, Word files, PowerPoints or videos and manage their scheduling and delivery through our LMS.
  • Create your own stunning multimedia content with our easy-to-use authoring tool (which some think of as PowerPoint slides brought to life with iMovie-like effects, though it is a lot more than that)
  • Outsource content creation to our experienced team—to produce scripts and lessons complete with professional voiceovers, images, text, links, videos and interactive assessments.
  • Change Velpic lessons in-house quickly and economically at any time—by duplicating and editing content to update information or repurpose lessons for different groups.

#6 Achieve all of the above while spending less time, money, and effort

Now the bottom line—is this expensive? Not at all.

The results of our case studies show it is possible to keep an employee fully up to speed with the health and safety standards required in a company by spending just a few dollars a month per employee instead of hundreds—by switching from instructor-led training to online video lessons, especially if the company operates its business from multiple locations.

The most disruptive part of our product offering is making the LMS capabilities that only large enterprises could afford in the past available to all organisations regardless of size or industry. We provide different plans to suit light, medium, and high-volume training needs.

Why is it so affordable?

  • Velpic knows that it is the nature of business to have fluctuating training needs, and offers plans that minimise your cost while promoting knowledge sharing.
  • Our whole elegant solution (content creation, publishing, scheduling, delivery and reporting) is available on a per-seat basis, which means each active user can watch as many lessons as often as they like at no extra cost.
  • Optional extra ready-made expert content from Velpic Marketplace can also be obtained on a per-seat basis at a fraction of the cost and time needed to produce workplace videos from scratch.
  • If you exceed your plan allocation, it is easy to switch to the next plan up and vice-versa; you can step down during quieter times.

Here at Velpic, we take pride in making it easier for customers to promote a culture of safety.

As an employer investing in your employees’ safety, you are spreading the message among your company that their well-being is important to you and that it is your hope that everyone takes time to do things carefully and correctly to keep them safe. We love that!

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