14 March 2017

What's new? Library permissions, certificate uploads and custom user fields

You ask, we listen. We're pleased to launch some of our latest features that our customers have asked for.

Library Permissions


We've increased the value of the on-demand lesson library as Velpic administrators can now restrict lessons they add to their library. Velpic now allows them to set permissions on a lesson in the library to be visible to groups or users, or both!

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Adding Skills for a Trainee


We've improved skills tracking. Administrators can now add a competency or upload a certification for a trainee. They can set an expiry date for the skill and download the certificate at any time straight from Velpic.

Custom User Fields
Always wanted to track a bit of extra information for a user, like a location or driver's licence number? Now you can! Administrators can create custom fields for users and maintain that data within Velpic. They can also use the User Importer to update your current user base with custom field data.

What next?

We are constantly making improvements to the Velpic platform to make it quicker and easier for our customers to manage training and share knowledge across their organisation. If you are not using Velpic yet and want to explore if we are right for you, please read our case studies, reach out to us, or sign up for a free trial. 

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All the best! We look forward to the opportunity to facilitate inspired learning in your organisation.