28 December 2016

Upskilling made easy that resolves key training management issues

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In recent surveys of trainers and managers, several factors emerged as the top challenges blocking the maximising of training outcomes in the workplace:

  • Shortage of senior and experienced staff to mentor a growing workforce.
  • Timely updates on technology, standards, equipment or information.
  • Enough available facilities to meet fluctuating training demands.
  • Adequate scheduling, tracking and coordination to serve multiple initiatives.
  • Up to date technology advancements, training content and equipment.
  • Engaging workers and keeping messages fresh.
  • Lack of a mobile platform.
  • Training reinforcement and lack of time for training.
  • Measuring training ROI and aligning learning and business goals.

You can overcome these barriers to business performance if your training team is able to dispatch ready-made expert video lessons to your workforce from your learning management system (LMS) within hours of activating it.

You achieve even more productivity and performance gains if your LMS also allows you to upload, create, repurpose, schedule, deliver, track, and report on training activities in-house, all from one easy-to-use platform—while massively reducing your costs, administrative effort, and carbon footprint. 

One such LMS to consider is Velpic, which comes with its own online marketplace of ready-made expert content on a comprehensive range of training topics pertinent to workplace upskilling.

What’s most disruptive about Velpic? It puts all these enterprise-level LMS functionalities within the reach and budget of SMEs and anyone who wishes to provide everyday essential learning tools that inculcate the performance habit of progressive learning.

Featuring a high quality library of eLearning lessons curated and licensed from leading qualified content creators including Learning Heroes, Velpic Marketplace provides a isustainable strategic advantage to busy training professionals by letting customers purchase exactly what they need off the shelf on demand.

There is a wide range of high-quality content for all industries, with lessons covering Human Resources, Environmental Awareness, The Sales Cycle, Communicating to Audiences, Project Management, Consumer Rights and many more.

To provide flexible and economical self-paced learning, the lessons are charged on a per registered user basis—this means users can watch the same lesson repeatedly without incurring an extra cost every time.

Available in various lengths from three to 45 minutes, the lessons allow forward-looking training departments to provide microlearning and mobile learning opportunities that can fit easily into busy lives.

Velpic will continue to curate more quality content for its training library to serve our customers better.

To discover the range of workplace training lessons that could help you manage upskilling with ease, please click the button below.

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