Onboarding: Do it well with Velpic

I read an article on LinkedIn about Onboarding and it got me thinking. Why should businesses invest in onboarding? It’s clear to me, and I’d like to make it clear to you.

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08 June 2016

A better way to be safe, not sorry

Health and safety training is an essential part of business success, but doing it well often involves a lot of effort, time and money. Is there a better way?

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01 June 2016

10 tiresome things about creating training content, and what you could do about them


Hands up if you have a bittersweet relationship with content creation for training:

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19 May 2016

Training with the brain in mind

If you are a Trainer, then here’s a title to add to your resume you may not have heard of before.  As a Trainer, you are, in effect, a ‘Master Manipulator’; because in Training, manipulation is(...)

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22 April 2016

Can your online training software do that?


Authoring tool. Authoring software. Editor. Content creator. eLearning development tool.

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13 April 2016