Top 3 reasons why microlearning benefits millennials

Every day, we engage in microlearning. So why is it that millennials prefer this style of learning and how can it improve training in your business?

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13 March 2017

[eBook] Managing people to maximise performance

Human Resource consultant and coach Jayne Griffiths shares a practical roadmap you can use to create fantastic workplaces.

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08 March 2017

Size does matter: The genius of microlearning and batch sizing

When I first heard of ‘microlearning’—which means learning delivered in a way that’s short and focused—I realised it is so effective because it follows a breakthrough principle from Toyota.

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03 March 2017

[Infographic] Virtual Reality for Workplace Training

The nature of work has changed and so has the way we learn. The science of virtual reality brings exciting immersive ways to better organise, manage, develop, and align your people at work.

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02 March 2017

[Infographic] Managing People to Maximise Performance

What do HR managers need to know about managing people, dealing with workplace conflict and increasing employee engagement?

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24 February 2017

How augmented and virtual reality will change the world of education

Emerging technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have enormous promise when it comes to education and training, especially in some very niche areas that are extremely difficult to(...)

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23 February 2017

Top five tips for partnering with an ISV

How do you ensure you’re going in with eyes open and a clear plan of action when choosing a technology partner?

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22 February 2017

#VelpicVR 3:  VR for workplace training - how does it actually work?

The excitement we are generating with our plans to launch VR for workplace training is palpable, but how does it actually work, what are the benefits, and what would you use it for?

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20 February 2017

Managing People #2 - Employee engagement for business success

Why should you care about how engaged your employees are? Ultimately, employee engagement is the single biggest factor influencing employee performance, and therefore your business’ bottom line.

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15 February 2017

Communication in partnerships: How to get to ‘happily ever after’ with your ISV

Communication is the backbone of any great partnership. In fact you can substitute the last word of that sentence with a whole heap of others and the statement would still ring true:

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09 February 2017

Managing People #1 - Policy: The bedrock of your HR framework

Clear HR policies set the benchmark for your employees and organisation to perform at their best. Which are the most important policies that should be in place?

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08 February 2017

Handy checklist for breathing new life into old training content

So your training lesson is scripted, audio recorded, and text/images added to create an awesome video that’s scheduled to staff who have completed it. You never have to look at it again—or do you?

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02 February 2017

Why the LMS of the future must make knowledge sharing easy

What futurist Alvin Toffler first said almost 30 year ago about learning is still deeply relevant today, and knowledge sharing is more important than ever for managing future shock:

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31 January 2017

#VelpicVR 2:  Advantages and challenges of virtual reality training

As technology advances and costs continue to fall, 2017 will definitely be the year that VR finds mainstream purpose within Australian businesses.

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26 January 2017

The future of LMS with Jarvis

Barely a month since Mark Zuckerberg released his Facebook video introducing Jarvis, the Internet went crazy with more than 25 million views and more than 250 thousand ‘shares’.

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20 January 2017