27 September 2016

The top 3 concerns of rising SaaS sales leaders


High growth SaaS startups today are concerned about development/training, upselling and onboarding. What else do we know about current SaaS trends and what could we do about them?

Venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz reports that when Harvard Business School students Mike Anello and Kane Hochster surveyed rising and seasoned sales executives from earlier stage SaaS startups, they found that:

  • Rising leaders had the least confidence in training and development, upselling and onboarding, while
  • Seasoned sales executives felt that the startups were not investing enough on onboarding, development and hiring to grow their companies successfully.
The need for sales training is critical at startup stage, but companies could only justify hiring a full time trainer if the company had at least 33 to 40 account executives.

Is there a feasible way to get the sales and startup team the training they need earlier than later, without having to wait for numbers to justify a critical time-sensitive function?

If you find yourself in this situation, I suggest a timely, cost-effective and powerful solution.

Jump on an online training platform right away that provides ready-made sales training videos to quickly upskill your workforce.

You incur lower risks and costs compared to adding a headcount, which, if is itself a bad hire, could be a mistake that costs 6 to 12 months’ worth of their monthly salary to correct.

Evaluate your choice of eLearning platforms by asking these 20 questions:
  1. Is the training tool easy to use, pleasant to the eye, and cost effective to operate and upscale as your business grows?
  2. Does it allow you to create, customise, publish, schedule, deliver and report on training activities from one online platform?
  3. Do we have onboarding and Learning Management System (LMS) recommendations?
  4. Is it secure and conveniently available via an Internet browser anytime anywhere?
  5. Can you pay a low monthly subscription fee, and cancel any time with no contractual obligations?
  6. Can training be managed and viewed on mobile devices?
  7. Do you have the flexibility to buy, edit, and repurpose training videos, and create your own learning library?
  8. Can you purchase ready-made videos of the most pertinent training topics from a professional marketplace?
  9. Does it provide Internet-responsive cloud-based video streaming that always plays smoothly?
  10. Does it allow you to combine existing training material (on PowerPoint, Word or PDF) with moving text and images, voice commentary, video clips and links?
  11. Is it scalable and effective in delivering any type of training from onboarding to sales, compliance, processes, soft skills, and more?
  12. Does it enable you to provide multisensory brain-friendly training material to maximise learning
  13. Does it make training easy to publish, share, track, and report on?
  14. Can it automate lesson grouping, scheduling and follow-up?
  15. Does it provide interactive content review through quizzes, and assess learning effectiveness through tests?
  16. Is the company globally progressive and financially sound?
  17. Does its leadership have experience and proven expertise in business, technology, and brands?
  18. Does the company understand and care about the present-day concerns of business, human resource, and training professionals?
  19. Are they genuinely passionate about knowledge sharing as a business strategy?
  20. Is the company recognised globally by respected techpreneurs as an innovative leader?
Happily, at Velpic, we have built a simple and powerful solution for training and development, onboarding, upselling and more that meets all these criteria, and are continually making it better.

Just as the introduction of the smartphone disrupted how we organise our lives by putting multiple disparate functions into one handy device, Velpic disrupts the training industry by reducing the complexity of multiple disparate training work processes, and providing an easier way to do everything via one simple, elegant and powerful SaaS software.

If you would like to explore how to grow your business strategically with Velpic’s innovative eLearning platform, meet us at AppDirect Engage 2016 in San Francisco, California, or sign up for a free 14-day trial.