20 October 2017

Surprising new research findings on workplace mental health for FIFO and other workers

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This week, ABC News reported Dr Sue Bahn’s workplace research findings that short FIFO work ‘swings’ are more stressful, and mental health profiles differ by age, gender and industry sector.

Besides FIFO workers, the research suggests that transport companies, workers above 45 in the government sector, and 18 to 20-year-old men and women had different profiles of stress, anxiety and depression.

Managers have the opportunity to apply this knowledge by customising workplace wellbeing programs.

This is particularly important in the construction industry where “workers have higher injury and suicide rates than other hazardous industry sectors, and both are under-reported”.

Velpic collaborates with Dr Bahn to provide an innovative solution to help managers make a real difference. Our integrated solution allows organisations to identify risks, then intervene and track the physical and mental well-being of their workforce faster and better.

Velpic’s versatile and scalable integration solution can also be used to implement well-structured programs that predict, pre-empt and prevent physical and psychosocial risk in the workplace; Dr Bahn shares nine practical ways to achieve the latter.

To explore how your organisation can leverage Velpic’s Safety Fundamentals training pack or other resources to achieve workplace occupational health and safety compliance and improvement more quickly and easily, please visit Velpic Construction or register for a free consultation or trial.

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