19 April 2017

Six LMS trends that inspire you to rethink workplace training


Slowly but surely, LMSes are shifting. They're not what they used to be, which is definitely a good thing.

An LMS used to be a big beast of a program that requires dedicated internal resources to manage. Now, they are intuitive and simple platforms anyone can handle.

Many offer onboarding or compliance training, but you don't have to stop there.

What's more important, an LMS doesn’t need to be boring or something you dread using.

Here’s what else we see on the horizon for the LMS landscape this year.

#1 Learning with new devices

No longer on-premise or installed, many LMSes these days are web-based. More innovative ones are even moving beyond the web browser.

They offer mobile companion apps that complement your eLearning experience. Learning on the go is now a reality.

Let’s go even further than learning on desktop, tablet and mobile devices (that's so 2016).

What’s next? Virtual reality.

Virtual reality headsets and 360 degree cameras are now more affordable.

Which makes virtual reality training more feasible for every business.

So seize the opportunity to create more exciting training videos. Deliver deeper hands-on learning. Let immersive learning experiences take place right in front of your eyes.

You can do it with Velpic. We have innovated beyond standard devices by releasing a virtual reality training app.

#2 Shift beyond top-down learning

No matter where you are in your career, you are always learning.

Believe it or not, this also goes for the big guys at the top.

A typical LMS is 'top-down'. It shares knowledge from the supervisor down to the trainee. But why should learning only go in one direction? Everyone, including trainees, has valuable knowledge to share. Knowledge sharing should move upwards, across departments, between team members, and among equals.

#3 Gamification rising

Millennials are fast becoming a large part of the workforce. Alas, they’re also one of the least engaged. Blame it on whatever you want, but the fact is only 29% are actively engaged at work.

Luckily, millennials as a whole are generally very ambitious. The majority value training that helps with their leadership and career development. So, how can you get through to a generation who has grown up on social media, their mobile phone, and constant digital stimulation? Make learning interactive and fun. And what better way than through gamification.

#4 Smooth integrations

Even if you have a great LMS, it can be difficult to populate and hit the ground running. Especially if you build it from scratch. The old saying rings true here: put good in, get good out.

Herein lies the importance of integrations. Smart LMS's offer seamless integrations. This allows you to import training content, users, and other data easily into your LMS. Integrations help you save time with setup so you can get straight to learning.

  • We've got APIs and Webhooks to integrate Velpic with your existing systems.
  • We can handle HR, Talent Management, CRM, or other back office systems.
  • With market leaders ADP Marketplace and AppDirect, we offer single sign-on integrations.
  • Velpic plays well with Google, Microsoft 365, Okta and Zapier as well.

#5 Improved content formats

Gone are the days of boring text-heavy presentations and bad Clipart graphics. Video content is here to stay. Soon, 98% of digital learning strategies will include video. This shouldn’t shock you — we all know video is the way of the world.

With so much video content floating around, it’s no wonder we’re also moving towards microlearning.

Busy people don’t have time to sit and watch 30-minute video lessons in one sitting. But we can manage watching a 3-minute video here and there.

#6 Shopping around

Many LMS users are loyal to their current system for the wrong reasons. Difficult to implement, requiring a dedicated resource to manage, and deeply intertwined with other systems. Managers dread doing it all again.

Now, LMS market offerings are more diverse and sophisticated. “Good enough” isn’t enough anymore.

The main reason people consider switching their LMS?

To get more feature-rich solutions that make sense for their business.

Another huge reason is cost—most spend 59% more than expected on their LMS according to Capterra, a website that compares learning management systems. Exceeding $70,000 a year (yikes!). This reason alone should convince you to shop around. Don’t settle for mediocre—you deserve a better deal!

If you’re stuck in a love-hate relationship with your current LMS, start your shopping right away. Start with Velpic—we believe that LMSes should be better. Expect more from them.

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