19 May 2018

Safety Learning Management System

Over the past few years businesses have been fascinated on how they can utilise a learning management system (LMS) to compliment their current OHS/ safety training.

With the next generation of workers and leaders fastly approaching, this makes complete sense because everything that we do these days is online. It has been proven across many businesses that putting material online can make things easier, more efficient, less costly, more convenient, and more effective.

In today's day and age, most people are familiar with online safety training, whether they have been on an external safety training course , utilised a safety app on the mobile phone, or maybe you have researched how efficiently and effortlessly online training systems can create and store records of completed training and even auto-generate reports on that training and deliver them to your email inbox automatically.

So, let’s see how you can leverage a Velpic LMS to reap maximum benefits from your workplace safety and compliance training.

What is a Learning Management System?

This might be an obvious answer for some, but for those of you new to the LMS world, a learning management system is a software system you can access through the Internet. It can be used to administer training of all types. This includes online training courses and other training activities your workers can complete online, such as videos and written materials like PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs, but it also includes instructor-led training and task-based training in the field.So, it makes perfect sense why most businesses are starting to use LMS to train their employees on compulsory training such as safety and compliance.

Why choose Velpic?

Most people don’t look forward to compulsory safety and compliance training. It could get repetitive for administrators, and boring for learners.

That’s why we made a different kind of learning and development software. Goodbye time-consuming processes, high expenses, and clunky eLearning training software. We invite you to experience the future of learning.

 Our eLearning software offers all the features you need to create, schedule and report on training, but without the painful user experience you can do without. We have added in a few more online training software features you didn’t know you needed.

 How I Can Use a Velpic LMS to Administer Safety Training?

 Velpic LMS makes it easy for you to  import your own training materials such as:

  • PDFs
  • PowerPoints
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Blueprints/schematics
  • Links to online webinars, either live or recorded
  • Links to other websites
  • Links to files that are stored on your network or SharePoint (so you don’t have to move all these if they already exist in place)
  • eLearning courses made for you by eLearning providers
  • eLearning courses you made by yourself
  • Links to social networking sites and/or company wikis

Don’t have your own safety material? Looking for a new revamped safety package? Then you are in the right hands because not only can Velpic offer you a fully customisable learning management system but we also offer fully comprehensive approved safety and compliance packages.

If you are still wondering how integrating an LMS with your safety training will benefit the business, then here are 3 other reasons why you should get the ball rolling today:

1. Track learning progress and issue completion certificates

Uploading your safety training modules to the Velpic LMS makes it easier to track your learners’ progress and their course completion rates. The LMS generates online safety training completion certificates, which are accepted by regulatory authorities. This saves a lot of your working hours and exhaustive manual paperwork.

2. Safety training: All in on place

The learning management system works as a single Training Repository for all your safety training courses, policy documents, videos, and even tests & assessments.

3. LMS Analytics highlighting Opportunities for Improvement

Bringing safety incidents related data and numbers into the LMS ecosystem helps training managers identify the pressing training needs of employees. They can ask trainers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop online courses focusing on specific areas, where employees are to be equipped. However, analytics are useful when you provide real data.

Want to know more about Safety LMS?

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