20 October 2016

Rethink HR: 6 reasons why you cannot afford to ignore advanced digital HR strategies


Is your organisation still operating on a traditional core licensed learning management system or HR software? Don’t miss the boat! Find out 6 reasons why switching to advanced digital strategies is the way to go.

#1 Digitalisation is everywhere

Digitisation is quickly permeating the core of both our personal and professional lives.

Every day, more than 3 billion people around the world use the Internet, more than 1.8 billion people have smartphones, and collectively, people check their phones 8 billion times a day.

#2 The HR profession is changing with the times

If you’re an HR professional, increasing digitalisation rings even more true because human resources itself is evolving, and digital HR is the catalyst.

The profession itself is changing as HR teams have to be more tech-savvy, ambitious, and aligned with business goals. In an increasingly competitive world, knowing how to leverage the best of technology is vital for business survival. In order to stay competitive in HR, you must do what it takes to stay relevant: innovate, take risks, and invent new solutions.

#3 Legacy HR systems are losing their relevance

Bersin by Deloitte reports that 66% of human resources professionals endorse the need for cloud-based HR management solutions.

More organisations are predicted to let go of legacy HR systems and immerse themselves in a cloud-based digital HR ecosystem—where there are a growing number of new and clever solutions that are often less expensive to operate than licensed systems, easier to use, and more valuable to employees.

Futureproofing your HR and learning management system is mission critical. Don’t get left behind.

Perhaps you already have core HR technology in place at your organisation to help manage employee information, but keeping a simple employee database is no longer enough. HR employees are also expected to recruit top talent, grow them, retain them, and do it all very quickly and efficiently.

This is where smarter HR technology comes in.

#4 Digital HR strategies make more business sense

Typically, the way you recruit talent, how you manage staff, reward employees, and train or upskill teams often requires separate specialised apps for recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance, feedback, communication, time and attendance, expenses, payroll, and more.

Even if your organisation’s core HR technology has a solution for all these functions, chances are, you may feel locked into a complex web of activities—if you need to use multiple disparate products which might be clunky, expensive and non-intuitive.

#5 Advanced HR technology helps you do more with less

Future-focused organisations adopt smart and modern HR technologies that are agile, open and customised for your company. These systems are accessible from anywhere, flexible, easy to learn and use, cost effective and available to all employees. They shouldn't require a dedicated in-house resource to manage, or technical skills to operate.

Did you know there are apps like Velpic that don’t require downloads or multiple product add-ons—it’s a single tool you can access right in your browser window or mobile app. It’s low risk and cost is based on your particular usage patterns, as there are a choice of monthly payment plans and per user pricing.

Leveraging smart HR technologies can help you achieve all this and more:

  • Complete more HR tasks in less time, at less cost, and with less effort,
  • Onboard, manage and upskill your employees at lower cost and higher frequency,
  • Instill more customer buy-in through better onboarding and cross-selling, and
  • Ultimately advance your organisation, business impact and personal career.

#6 Robust digital strategies are available now

But where can you find out what apps you might need, what apps are out there, and which one is right for you?

If you’re a current ADP customer, we recommend starting at the award-winning HR technology portal, ADP Marketplace.

One of the Top HR Products of 2015 at the HR Technology Conference, ADP Marketplace features an approved list of innovative HR applications (including Velpic’s video-based LMS) that you can leverage to do more in less time.

Velpic’s seamless integration with ADP means you can access it directly once you log into ADP.

If you choose to activate Velpic, it will simplify your training workflow as you can import your ADP user directory into Velpic to create, schedule, deliver and report on video training assets, and your users will be able to consume training content via their Internet browser and mobile devices anytime anywhere.

If you are a current ADP payroll customer, log onto your ADP solution, and check out Velpic’s app listing on the ADP Marketplace (without having to sign in separately). Review the choice of options to see what works best for your training needs, and discover how easy it is start a free trial.