Get them doing: A great rule for brain-friendly learning

A great learning design rule for brain friendly learning is to spend 30% of the time on giving out information and 70% of the time on the learner doing something with that information. Read More
20 September 2016

You're ready to teach, but are they ready to learn?

Get ‘em early and get ‘em interested. Learn 5 ways to switch on learning readiness right from the start.

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15 September 2016

[Infographic] Upskilling with the brain in mind

According to CEB Global, 87% of training content is forgotten in just a matter of weeksOftentimes, it isn't an issue with the training material itself but rather how that material is delivered. 

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14 September 2016

Why MOOCs are foundational to modern elearning

In order to fully understand what a MOOC is, let's start at the beginning.

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09 September 2016

How to create and share training without getting egg on your face

There is only one goal for staff training: to get people productive as fast as possible. It’s a goal that both management and staff share, so how do we tackle this problem?

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08 September 2016

[Infographic] What you need to know about Learning & Development

Many businesses today recognise the need to transform the way they approach learning and development. What was once a less important issue has risen to one of the top three most important business(...)

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07 September 2016

Tapping the potential of the learner's brain

Impact is created. It doesn't ‘just happen’...

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06 September 2016

Velpic 3.1 - New document import feature and unlimited views per user

Velpic's new document import feature and unlimited lesson views per user allow you to enjoy more time and cost savings.

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05 September 2016

What makes a good mLearning lesson?

By 2018, 70% of all professionals are expected to use their own smartphone or tablet for work, so it’s important to start developing content to be consumed on these devices for mLearning.

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02 September 2016

The science of learning in business

I come from a process- and metrics-driven background. Having completed a Science/Commerce degree that emphasised quantitative thinking, I tend to view the world through a scientific lens.

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01 September 2016

[eBook] How to profit from knowledge sharing in the workplace

Businesses lose an extraordinary amount of money every year from failing to share knowledge.

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31 August 2016

Learning in my own time

I don’t know about you, but I really need my quiet time to learn.

That means no phone, no people, and definitely no noise.

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26 August 2016

Velpic achieves globalisation milestone with ADP integration in US

Velpic is pleased to announce that our eLearning platform has now been fully integrated into NASDAQ-listed ADP's online Marketplace

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25 August 2016

I wish online learning was more prevalent when I was in sales

I spent the better part of seven years in a field sales role.

I loved the ‘sales’ part of it, but the ‘field’ part came with its own challenges. 

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24 August 2016

Companies are losing a lot more than just money

Did you know that Fortune 500 companies have been losing at least $31.5 billion dollars a year by failing to share knowledge across their business?

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22 August 2016