How to engage learners better through gamification

Gamification: What is it, and what makes it great? Well it’s as simple as it sounds, taking something ordinary and applying game-like mechanics to it. However, the results are not as frivolous as(...)

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27 October 2016

[eBook] Turning Technical Experts into Great Communicators

Strategic communication specialist Davina Stanley suggests that "using structure and logic to clarify your thinking before you communicate is hands down the best way" to appeal to your business(...)

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26 October 2016

Rethink HR: 6 reasons why you cannot afford to ignore advanced digital HR strategies

Is your organisation still operating on a traditional core licensed learning management system or HR software? Don’t miss the boat! Find out 6 reasons why switching to advanced digital strategies(...)

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20 October 2016

Communication for technical experts: #4 Bonus questions and answers

Yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting a webinar hosted by Velpic to a very responsive group online. Our participants raised a number of great questions, and here is the essence of my answers.

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19 October 2016

Communication for technical experts: #3 Beyond analysing, communicate!

In this blog, I will focus on the importance of stepping back from your analysis early enough so you have time to think through your communication.

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17 October 2016

VARK: A smart training strategy for business

Learners are all so different, and maximising one's investment in training is important to organisations and professionals alike. How do trainers captivate and catch ‘em all?

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14 October 2016

Communication for technical experts: #2 Explain what your data means

Data is the lifeblood of any research, and the bedrock of credible fact-finding. Why wouldn’t everyone be interested in data? Evidence is important, right?

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13 October 2016

"Engage me! I have a short attention span . . ."

By 2020, millennials like myself will make up 46% of the workforce; by 2030, 75%. Here is how to get the best out of people like me.

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12 October 2016

[Infographic] Why Good Communication is Great for Business

When it comes to getting ahead in business, communication may be more important than you think. Here's a snapshot of facts and outcomes related to improving communication skills. 

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11 October 2016

Binge learning and microlearning: Could they work together?

Here’s a new idea for conference and other event organisers to add tremendous value to their attendees by embracing eLearning technology.We’ve all been there.

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07 October 2016

Communication for technical experts: #1 Put your audience first

Technical experts, who specialise in analytical professions such as technology, finance and engineering, often don’t think of themselves as great communicators.

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04 October 2016

[eBook] 3 powerful ways to create brain-friendly training

Laurie Kelly, Director of Mindworks, suggests that "Training can be fun, uplifting and empowering when it is based on good principles of brain-friendly learning." 

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29 September 2016

The top 3 concerns of rising SaaS sales leaders

High growth SaaS startups today are concerned about development/training, upselling and onboarding. What else do we know about current SaaS trends and what could we do about them?

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27 September 2016

Five big mistakes made in learning design

Do you spot any of these common mistakes in your current training program? Learn to design more brain-friendly programs by addressing the following tendencies. 

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27 September 2016

10 ingredients to make an epic eLearning video

Anyone can create a simple presentation, but how do you stop yourself from boring your audience with ‘death by PowerPoint’?

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23 September 2016