18 January 2017

Get your stuff together - The advantages of sticking with the One


My mother always says, “If you put your things in the same place, you’ll always be able to find them”, and I unwillingly have to agree.

I am the type of person who forgets where my keys are because I have no dedicated place for them. I have been using the spare keys for the past year.

Keeping things and ideas in the same place takes the stress out of having to find them.

Similarly, I use an array of Google apps to keep my life together, such as: Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Keep, Google Maps, and the list goes on.

My reason for using one brand is simple.

I’m lazy. That inspires keen efficiency.

The uniform user interface (UI) from one brand creates a comforting and consistent user experience (UX), making it very efficient for me to get straight into the function I need—without having to learn new gestures or processes.

Not only are the stand alone apps great, but they are all integrated into each other allowing me to access one app from another. When planning my wedding, for example, this makes it all the more joyful and less bridezilla. 

Many of us spend most of our waking hours staring at screens. Big screens, small screens. You might as well make things efficient.

All-in-one products and services are so popular because they simplify life and reward you with an ordered existence. I get everything I need from one product, one service, one brand. 

Just as you choose a life partner, the learning management system (LMS) you choose as the One can determine the quality of your everyday life.

With Velpic, for instance, not only could HR staff keep records of training results in one place, they could also schedule and create training content with the same product. Your users can own their learning process and monitor their own records too. All from one smart platform.

You can see the brilliant parallels, can’t you?

Just as I get a grip on my messy and frantic ‘instantaneous life’ using Google’s products that let me log in from any device (what’s mine is mine and what’s his is mine), Velpic helps training managers get a grip on training by gathering the key things you want to do and presenting them all to you on a pretty online platter.

A simple search for ‘HR Software’ brings up millions upon millions of hits. How many ‘Top 10 HR Software’ articles are out there? 7.6 million.

Busy Human Resource departments not only have to manage Training and Development but also compensation and benefits, employee relations, recruitment and selection, and more.

If Velpic could help you manage Training and Development all in one place, wouldn’t that make your life much easier?

Unlike many other HR software, Velpic doesn’t live on the computer it’s installed on. It lives in the cloud ... forever. That means you can access all your user records from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime. With a password or a sign-up key. Easy.

Just think, this means you would never have to worry about your software going out of date. Do nothing, and your software just keeps growing better.

  • Velpic eases the process of inducting staff and allows users to keep up to date with changes in policies and practices.
  • Users will have one platform for all their learning needs.
  • If you want ideas for other types of training and knowledge sharing, click here.
Single-purpose applications are outdated and make seamlessness an impossible target. So stop purchasing products that will go out of date the minute you buy it.

With Velpic’s continual development, seamless training will make your work life so much easier.

That will free up more of your time to be lazy. I mean, efficient. And live happily ever after with the One.

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