11 July 2017

Next financial year, you will wish you started today

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“What’s worse than training your employees and losing them? Not training them and
keeping them.” (Zig Ziglar). Are you maximising the business impact of your training practices?

The start of a new financial year is an excellent time to ask yourself this question.

There’s good training . . . and bad training.

You want the sort that gets results like the following:

  • 47% increase in profit1
  • 24% higher profit margins2
  • 16.3% increase in cashflow3
  • 57% higher sales per employee4
  • $30 return in productivity for every $1 spent on training5
  • 88% increase in productivity blending training and coaching6

7 out of 10 employees say that their decision to stay with a company is directly influenced by the job-related training and development opportunities they are given7.

Best practice ideas8 that have worked for companies at the leading edge include:

  • Invest up to 6% of payroll on overall workplace learning;
  • Train 86% of employees on average, and
  • Utilise high-end technology (Internet, Webinar, computer-based training) to complement classroom sessions.

So, start this financial year right by reviewing your training strategy and budget.

Add leading-edge eLearning tools like Velpic to your training mix.

I leave you with a list of possible areas where harnessing technology for training can have great business impact:

  • Leadership and human resource management
  • Employee retention and satisfaction
  • Employer branding
  • Professional development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Business operations and IT
  • Onboarding and induction
  • Compliance training
  • Knowledge sharing and organisational culture
  • Soft skills and resilience training
  • Sports coaching

We support businesses, schools, sports teams, and other organisations to perform at their best, and work with industry leaders like SCEE, CV Services, Coffey, AHG, News Corp, and the Canterbury Bulldogs to create inspired learning.

To explore how you could create more business impact with Velpic, please ask for a free demonstration. And take advantage of our training offer for July valued at $1,500.

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