04 August 2017

New learning pathways, lesson feedback, editor role for users, and more

It's that time again! Here are the latest features we've released to help you get even more out of Velpic.  

Create learning pathways with the new Lesson Completion Rule

JP product update 01 Aug17.png

Now you can assign a second lesson to a trainee when they've completed the first one. This is possible using the new lesson schedule rule. This new rule gives you the power to create a lesson pathway for your trainees. 
Read more about automatic schedule rules

Leave Lesson Feedback after completing a lesson

JP product update 02 Aug17 1200x500.jpg

Want to improve your lesson content? Now trainees can submit comments and ratings after they have completed a lesson. You can turn this on or off for each lesson. You can use this feedback to help improve the lesson.
See how to enable Lesson Feedback

Delegate Editor role to users

JP Product update 03 Aug17.png

You can now give any user the ability to create and edit lessons. This helps to spread the content creation responsibilities amongst your team. 
Learn about how the Editor role works

Add Additional Resources to your lessons

Good news! Now you can attach documents or files to lessons. Great for those policy documents, checklist templates or working examples. These appear during the lesson and after completion for your trainees to download.
See how to add Additional Resources to a lesson

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