08 May 2017

New Library, Colour Customisation, Achievements and more

It's that time again! We've released a sweet suite of features for our customers.


Discover the new Library


We've made some big changes to the Library. Among the new functionality that's now live, administrators can add tags to lessons to make it easier for trainees to find them.

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Customise UI Colours


Organisations can now change the default colours in Velpic to match their brand. Great for giving trainees a sense of familiarity.

Learn how to customise colours in Velpic


Reward with Achievements


Velpic customers can now gamify their trainees' learning pathways! Administrators can now create training goals as Achievements to reward the completion of lesson and skill requirements. When trainees can visualise their progress towards training goals, it makes learning more fun and effective.

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... and more

We've also added other features like the ability to create nested groups and one-on-one manager-trainee relationships.

While our customers are logging in to Velpic to see what else has changed, you can take a look too by signing up for a free trial.

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