17 June 2016

Myth #4: Face-to-face training can't be taught online


To those who are used to the benefits of face-to-face and hands-on training, it may come as a surprise that learning benefits for a wide range of topics are not lost, but can in fact be enhanced, through clever technology.

For example, our eLearning platform allows our customers to do what digital strategist Karla Gutierrez suggests in ‘7 Types of Training Programs That Should Now Be Converted to eLearning’:

  • Onboarding
  • Product training
  • Customer service
  • Mandatory compliance training
  • Technology, tools and systems training
  • Processes, procedures and business practices
  • Soft skills

Adaptability is a critical success factor in today’s business environment. With the right technology, a forward-thinking organisation can easily embrace the eLearning trend of micro learning by producing an unlimited number of short video lessons for sharing up-to-date information fast. Frequent engaging training is welcome by anyone who wants to be at the leading edge of their industry. 

In essence, if you haven’t already embraced eLearning in your workplace, and wish to explore how you could transform the way you manage training—and reap the vast rewards and opportunities it brings—we welcome you to talk to us at Velpic.