16 June 2016

Myth #3: It is impersonal to learn things online


When it is planned right, online training is far from impersonal. The social connection and learning dynamics from traditional classroom training are not lost, just reborn in new forms.

With dynamic multimedia videos, interactive quizzes, options to engage via social media, and technology that’s constantly innovating, trainers can get great results with online training. 

And guess who will love this? Millennials, who are entering the workforce in increasing numbers.These are the employees that you will increasingly be training.

Understandably, many of us born before the digital age see the digital world as separate from the 3D world, but millennials (those born after 1995 who grow up with digital technology) do not, and they find it natural to learn things both online and offline.

Millennials don't value job security as much as they value the frequent opportunities to learn and upgrade themselves that eLearning affordably allows.

Despite being widely judged as being uninterested in serious work based on predictions that millennials will have more than 10 jobs by the time they are 38, millennials are in fact, the learning workers that could be more valuable to an organisation than traditional knowledge workers. This is because they can learn new things quickly and apply learnings to adapt and thrive in changing workplace environments, suggests futurist Jacob Morgan, who coined the term ‘learning worker’ 45 years after business educator Peter Drucker introduced the term ‘knowledge worker’ in 1969.

If organisations want to stay ahead by developing the habit of constantly training their workforce with up-to-date content, they do well to adopt an eLearning system that makes it easy and affordable to schedule and reschedule customised lessons to a large number of groups and individuals to cultivate an ongoing team of nimble and progressive learning workers.

This capability is enhanced if the same system allows training managers to easily purchase or update training content, plus duplicate, customise and repurpose training material to build their own comprehensive professional training library.

When it comes to content, there is a related myth which may hold managers back from enthusiastically embracing eLearning.

We are wrapping it up. Myth #4 tomorrow...