28 November 2016

Minimising the exposure to legal liability in schools


The recent High Court decision in Deal v Kodakkathanath [2016] HCA 31 has signalled the importance for schools to be proactive in providing workplace safety training for teachers.

The High Court decision has highlighted the need for schools to identify, so far as is reasonably practicable, the risks associated with each and every way that a task could be carried out by a teacher, as well as guard against every one of those risks.

The case of Deal involved a Year 3 teacher who was removing a display from her classroom pin-board. She was descending a two-step ladder when she slipped and injured her knee.

Like Mrs Deal, many teachers look for different ways to engage their students and to create a nurturing and inspiring space.

However, schools must ensure that teachers and staff are apprised of the manual handling risks associated with both the positioning and removal of such displays in a workplace safety context.

Where a school fails to do this, costly litigation and liability are likely to ensue.

Mindful of the pressures that teachers and schools are under and the myriad of rules and regulations that are infiltrating every facet of education, school leaders and principals should invest in developing a cohesive safety management system to reduce potential exposure.

The partnership between Velpic and Mills Oakley aims to provide an easy learning workplace training and compliance system that is readily available and accessible anywhere on any device. It is a user-friendly system that assists schools to meet their legal obligations and to minimise exposure to liability.

We’ve combined the expertise of lawyer Kate Walawski (Special Counsel in Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety law at Mills Oakley) with Velpic, a next generation cloud-based learning management system that’s disrupting the multi-billion- dollar global LMS marketplace.

With the use of Velpic’s platform, schools can easily deliver and record workplace training whilst easing their administrative and financial burden.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Quickly obtain up-to-date professional training videos on workplace safety and other legislative requirements relevant to Australian schools.
  • Create or customise your own dynamic training content without requiring technical qualifications in video production, or relying on specialist suppliers.
  • Schedule, track and manage training better by automating or streamlining training processes for specified individuals and groups.
  • Deliver engaging eLearning content and let teachers and other staff consume training on mobile, laptop and desktop devices, at one seating or in multiple microlearning stints.
  • Report on training outcomes and searchable records with full version control from one central location that’s accessible via a password-protected secure Internet portal.
  • Facilitate a new level of knowledge sharing to simplify training, increase learning, improve performance, and accelerate success.

For schools only: Access made simple

Schools can now leverage Velpic’s full flagship services and Mills Oakley’s ongoing expert content in our Schools Pack—at a fraction of both our commercial offerings for a single annual fee—because we know this game-changing strategy can transform the way your school conducts workplace training to minimise its exposure to legal liability.

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What schools must do to minimise their exposure to legal liability

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