07 September 2017

Why you should migrate your legacy Flash learning content to HTML5 now

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Does your SCORM resource library contain content that’s written in Adobe Flash? Flash is dead. Don’t wait to convert your library of Flash video content to HTML5.

Adobe recently announced that it will completely remove support for Flash by the end of 2020. Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple have been phasing it out of their browsers for some time now and support Adobe’s move.

If you still have a lot of training content written in Flash, consider taking action now:

  • Say goodbye to Flash
  • Say hello to HTML5
  • Say hello to Velpic

Say goodbye to Flash

Introduced in 1996, Flash was popular and exciting because you could create animations, web games and interactive web pages with it. It also streams attention-grabbing and dynamic multimedia content and Rich Internet Applications (RIA), which could not be done with the version of HTML (which runs web pages) at the time.

Say hello to HTML5

HTML5 is both a marketing buzzword for a group of different technologies that allow web users to experience lots of interactive things online, and a software specification that is managed by the WC3 HTML Working Group. HTML5 is now seen as the standard for building interactive content and applications on the Internet.

Do not wait: there will be fewer and fewer browsers and devices that can support Flash, and more that welcome HTML5.

Say hello to Velpic

Happy days: You can create HTML5-ready content easily with Velpic.

This would be one of the best painless ways we know for migrating Flash content, and managing the upgraded content a lot better.

What does Velpic enable you to do?

  • Upload videos and all major file formats (e.g. PDFs, PowerPoints, Word docs).
  • Create HTML5-ready interactive mixed media lessons easily, and add quizzes, CPD points, and gamification if you wish.
  • Share content quickly and reliably with anyone in the field or in the office with an Internet connection and mobile.
  • And a lot more.

What next?

Ask your training and induction department how many of your SCORM compliant training assets are written in Flash.

  • This might be a good time to evaluate your training library.
  • Which training assets are used the most often?
  • Which are the most vital for upgrade?
Ask us how we can help you migrate your content to an online training platform with the least amount of pain and the most amount of gain.

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