20 January 2017

The future of LMS with Jarvis


Barely a month since Mark Zuckerberg released his Facebook video introducing Jarvis, the Internet went crazy with more than 25 million views and more than 250 thousand ‘shares’.

A personal butler imbued with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help run Mark’s home, Jarvis is named after Just A Rather Very Intelligent System (J.A.R.V.I.S.), Tony Stark’s own AI butler from the Marvel Comics movie Iron Man 3.

Will the founder of Facebook spark the realisation of everyone else’s superhero dream? Will Jarvis be the next big thing in the world of learning and computing?

The future is full of excitement when it comes to technological development. Now, three years after Facebook bought Oculus, VR is gaining momentum as the tech trend to watch.

No doubt something similar will happen with AI upon Mark’s release of Jarvis. Mark commented that, “Within 5-10 years we'll have AI systems that are more accurate than people for each of our senses -- vision, hearing, touch, etc, as well as things like language. It's impressive how powerful the state of the art for these tools is becoming, and this year makes me more confident in my prediction.”

It may be early days as that was just a proof of concept, yet it still serves as a milestone for developers everywhere to start working on AI innovations, which I think will make everything including learning more simple and effective.

Jarvis in eLearning?

What excites me is the fun you can potentially have with Jarvis in a learning management system (LMS). Let’s do some AI dreaming.

The purpose of the best LMS providers is to constantly make learning simpler, more interesting, more engaging, and easier to manage. Making learning fun should be a serious matter.

No one wants to learn the boring way. Jarvis can play lessons on your TV, on your wearables, your computer and hey, why not, even on your VR devices.

Jarvis can take learning to the next level, whether you are new at using a software, or want to become an expert at it.

eLearning. Imagine not needing to login with your password yet still have secure access because there is Face Recognition built into Jarvis. Not having to read nagging lesson notification or reminder emails, thanks to Speech Recognition. How about watching the lesson on your TV at home while lounging on your couch and answering questions by voice through Language Processing, instead of sitting up and having to taptaptap on radio buttons on a screen?

Tutoring. And if you get stuck, Jarvis can be your tutor right when you need it. You don’t have to disrupt your lesson by asking around. Just ask Jarvis for explanations or answers. Better understanding means more learning and a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Mentoring. Jarvis will feel like there is a person present to answer all your questions, or even ask you questions in tests and quizzes. Jarvis can be a gentle and ever patient mentor who corrects any errors and gives you more flexibility and control in the learning process, to improve your level of understanding of the lesson.

Support. The support team can do more for customers if that guidance is available instantly without the need to tee up timings for training, especially if you are in a different timezone or country. AI enhances the virtual customer support experience and makes interactions more natural and human-like.

VR learning. As an enhancement to VR learning, which is primarily visual, and in some instances spatial, AI pulls in the power of more natural ways to communication through speech. You can walk through multiple scenarios and face challenges with the support of a knowledgeable sidekick.

How far are we from learning with Jarvis?

I believe we are already moving from the place of ‘Will it be possible?’’ to ‘How long will it take?’. Jarvis is both closer and farther off than we imagine.

Its most promising use is in replacing the need for human intervention in activities that are dangerous, repetitive, expensive, or laborious (and often does a better job with more precision), and of course in enhancing computer gaming experiences.

However, it also has its own challenges like lack of flexibility, high maintenance costs, ethical considerations, unemployment risks from job replacement, and the loss of genuine human touch.

Where can Jarvis bring us? We should not let the potential risks stop us from using it to make the world a better place, and from making learning more engaging and thus more effective. The potential for an exponential increase in learning success brings much promise for enabling a better way to live.

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