11 May 2018

How to Leverage Micro Learning

Micro Learning 2018

Micro-learning is more of a holistic approach for skill based learning and many people would define it as simply being about providing learners with small bites of learning material, rather than longer form modules or courses.

These small bites are designed for skill based understanding and include methods such as interactive videos, podcasts, quizzes, and more. But it’s their length that is fundamental. We’re talking two to three minutes max. And learners should have some choice about what they use and when, which gives the learner a sense of independence and responsibility. Research conducted in 2006 found that people learn more effectively when content is delivered in small pieces. It described this content as being easier to comprehend.

 Other, more recent research has made similar findings. In particular, researchers at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany reported in 2015 that micro-learning improves the retention of information by 20 percent. This research also made other interesting findings. It found people who learned through microlearning techniques answered questions 28 percent faster. So, not only did they get the answers right 20 percent more than those who used traditional learning techniques, but they also answered quicker.

Here are 6 ways that Employers and Employees benefit from Microlearning?

1. Wide Accessibility – Mini Modules are designed with mobile, tablet and VR  accessibility and friendliness at the forefront, but still easily accessed by laptops and desktop computers. This range of delivery makes it easy to learners to access the training from any location and on their own time.

2. Interactive Media – Microlearning design includes rich media formats, such as animation, gamification, and interactive video to help assist memory retention and convey a lot of information in small sections.

3. Time Sensible – Everyone needs reminders, and they also need to be reminded in a way that is effective and engaging. Microlearning is built for the adult learner and is designed to be completed in as little as 5 to 6 minutes. The wide variety of device-accessibility allows learners to access the training whenever it is best suited for them.

4. Cost Effective – Microlearning costs tend to be lower due to the short duration of the training material. Since Mini Modules are focused on target areas, they can be created much faster than traditional training courses. This allows us to create custom courses if there is a need for a specific topic to be covered.

5. Acute Effectiveness – Mini Modules are designed to target specific outcomes instead of covering a range of topics. This has shown to have a positive impact on learners in their application and retention. This method has been effective in prompting behavioral change.

6. Easily Updated – New facts and statistics and changes to industry standards are no problem when it comes to Microlearning. Mini Modules can be updated quickly and easily to adhere to the most current certainty.

Microlearning in effect helps to keep the business sharp and your employees engaged because they don’t have time to get bored with training curriculums. Targeted content keeps them focused and their engagement helps them retain information for the long haul.

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