26 August 2016

Learning in my own time


I don’t know about you, but I really need my quiet time to learn.

That means no phone, no people, and definitely no noise.

Just sweet silence.

That time is usually at home, after work, after a lovely dinner with my wife, and after the kids have gone to bed.

It’s my version of Benjamin Franklin’s 5-Hour Rule for setting aside regular time for learning, because I agree that “the smartest and most successful people are the ones who are constant and deliberate learners.“ I better catch up!

Yes, I call this My Time, when I can usually wipe my mind clear of any concerns that have accumulated during the day. This really is the time when I can focus best.

I must confess I don’t always manage to spend a full hour every weekday on learning.

However, with the option to take on video eLearning, it’s all good.

Studies suggest it would take me only 12 to 36 minutes to watch a video of the same content ole Ben needs an hour to learn in a classroom setting.

And a self-paced interactive video engages my mind and feelings with what I see and hear to help me remember up to six times better than If I were passively listening to a talk or lecture.

The Internet is everywhere and we all have access to online devices that fit in our pocket and go with us wherever we go. Flexible learning is here to stay, especially mutlimedia content that is rich, dynamic and entertaining, so it doesn’t feel like work.

Speaking of work, video not only frees up my time as a learner, but the right video training software can free up the time of someone whose work is to produce and manage training, too.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could create more hours in a day? Paradoxically, it is possible to spend time to create time, by doing things differently with video training.

I invite you to learn in your own time through video, and create more time in your life while you’re at it.