10 January 2017

The importance of knowledge management in future-focused organisations


Top HR strategist Josh Bersin has identified the freeflow of information and feedback as a key success factor enabled by HR technology disruptions for 2017.

Moving away from limitations of traditional hierarchical models, the workplace of the future is a network of teams where “people (are) rewarded for their skills and abilities, not their position in a hierarchy”.

How do business and HR leaders help their organisations embrace organisational redesign, and evolve into a successful workplace of the future?

By implementing new ways to improve knowledge management and share information.

Create feedback-rich environments

Innovative new HR technology enables frequent conversations, timely feedback and up-to-date knowledge sharing and training to drive agile performances processes. Many solutions are cloud-based SaaS offerings like Xero, Salesforce, Slack and Velpic.

Such scalable tools free teams from the limitations of time and physical proximity to get more of the right things done quickly, guided by better information.

Reinvent business processes

Leveraging HR technologies, companies can reinvent the way they solve challenges in areas that require top prioritisation, like employee engagement, teamwork, innovation, and collaboration.

Easier ways to share knowledge, capture learning metrics and assess learning outcomes means that workforce planning, correlating people data with business performance, and predicting future performance and strategies can only get easier.

Manage people differently

Progressive companies demand disruptive new HR tech solutions that are “engaging, useful, and productivity-oriented” so they can get better at coaching, engaging employees, aligning training and business goals, and retaining high-performing staff.

82% of companies report that old methods of performance management were “not worth the time put into it”. New engagement and feedback technology make it possible to articulate and solve pressing problems that traditional management models could not address.

Techpreneurs provide the driving force behind new ways of network building and knowledge sharing as they solve business challenges with new eyes, unshackled by the unwieldy practises of large organisations with legacy systems.

What next?

A brilliant tool that makes it easier to get the information out of your people’s brains to create knowledge-rich environments, reinvent business processes, and manage people differently is Velpic. 

Integrating user-friendly and affordable content authoring capabilities to make life simpler for long-suffering traditional LMS users, Velpic is designed for regular use so that you can maximise the return on your LMS investment to create a learning and knowledge sharing culture that can increase your competitive edge.

To find out why knowledge sharing is important for business success and explore ways to implement it in your workplace, please click below.

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