02 March 2017

[Infographic] Virtual Reality for Workplace Training

The nature of work has changed and so has the way we learn. The science of virtual reality brings exciting immersive ways to better organise, manage, develop, and align your people at work.

Velpic is passionate about empowering people through workplace education.

While we primarily do so through our next-generation eLearning platform which comes with its own expert content marketplace, multimedia/VR content authoring tool, and mobile lesson portal, we now bring Virtual Reality training to an Australian capital city near you in our VR Roadshow in partnership with Cortex Interactive.

We also sponsor free webinars with industry professionals, and share knowledge that supports aspiring achievers' success, like this infographic on virtual reality, the future of workplace training.

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vr-infographic-v1 FINAL.png

 Want to learn more? Velpic has exciting plans to provide a VR-ready eLearning platform that every business can afford. To find out how Velpic can help you evolve workplace training from "Do I have to?" to "That's entertaining." (video) to "Let's do that again!" (VR), please visit our Virtual Reality page.

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