14 September 2016

[Infographic] Upskilling with the brain in mind

According to CEB Global, 87% of training content is forgotten in just a matter of weeksOftentimes, it isn't an issue with the training material itself but rather how that material is delivered. 

To deliver training more effectively for upskilling your staff, understand how the brain works and create content with the brain in mind. Find out more with this infographic.

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Want to learn more? Check out the following resources.

  • Webinar Recording: Upsklling with the Brain in Mind - We played with this topic in a 30-minute webinar, where I demonstrated some brain-friendly training techniques. (Click here and select 'Recorded Webinars') 
  • eBook: 3 Powerful Ways to Create Brain-friendly Training - Training can be fun, uplifting and empowering when it is based on good principles of brain-friendly learning. To learn how to apply this to your own training, please click below. 

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