08 November 2016

[Infographic] Maximise your career potential

Most people never realise their career potential – they have an average career shaped by circumstances, and not by their own actions to influence outcomes and events. Is there a better way?

Velpic is passionate about empowering people through workplace education. While we primarily do so through our innovative learning management system which comes with its own expert content marketplace, multimedia content authoring tool, and mobile lesson portal, we also sponsor free webinars with industry professionals, and share knowledge that helps aspiring achievers succeed, like this infographic on career management.

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Want to learn more? This month, executive search expert and author of Career Karma and Resume Karma James Fairbairn will present our free live webinar ‘Maximise your career potential: Tips from a corporate headhunter’. To register for this valuable education, please click on the image below.


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