12 April 2017

7 ways to get down to business after signing up for a partnership


So you’ve signed up for a partnership with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor). What next? It’s time to get down to business and open new doors to reap the rewards of the relationship.

#1 Have a plan. You should already have a feel for where the partnership will fit in your own business and who will take the lead.

#2 Upskill. Most formal Partner Programs will have an induction and training program. Take advantage of it. Leverage their direct consultant or account manager to help you through the process.

#3 Engage. Remember your Account Manager works with companies like yours day in and day out. They’ll often have great insights into what others in your industry are doing well. You may well gain insights you might not find in the formal induction programs if you stay in touch.

#4 Get certified. Providing Professional Services such as implementation or training? Many Programs will offer extra training tracks and testing, leading to Certifications. Maintain Certifications to boost your profile and open up greater revenue opportunities.

#5 Identify your targets. It’s time to start bringing in customers. The most straightforward way to success? Start with your existing customer base. Which customers could get the most value from the new solution you’re offering?

#6 Communicate. You might choose to connect with your clients one by one, or begin by warming up your database. Do so with marketing messages, announcing the new solution, and communicating general benefits. A good tactic? Invite your customers to an online or in-person presentation. Give an overview of the solution and take interested parties forward from there.

#7 Use their resources. Whatever you do, don’t try and go it alone. Your ISV will have a wealth of materials you can utilise. Collaborate with them to help create your campaigns or deliver your presentations.

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