22 August 2016

Companies are losing a lot more than just money


Did you know that Fortune 500 companies have been losing at least $31.5 billion dollars a year by failing to share knowledge across their business?

Up to 50% of the knowledge held by employees will vanish as they retire or move to new roles.

How do you do better? How can you reap the full benefits of knowledge sharing?

Socialisation at work increases knowledge sharing by up to 80% as it allows tacit to tacit knowledge transfer.

What is tacit knowledge, why is it important, and how could you share it successfully in your workplace?

Why are senior executive redesigning their organisations to create more empowered teams, and why would that be important for the future of your business?

Want to learn more? Velpic CEO Russell Francis held a live webinar "Knowledge Sharing in the Workplace" on Tuesday, August 23 at 1pm AEST/11am AWST, and we created an ebook to share what he covered about knoweldge sharing, and more.

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