17 August 2016

Celebrating the Olympic Games in Brazil from Australia, Velpic style


Rio de Janeiro. Cidade maravilhosa! Wonderful city. Despite being an easy target for scrutiny by global media, it's now the gracious host for Olympic sporting excellence.

I’m a proud Brazilian living in Perth. 

Here, I'm grateful to have been exposed to different cultures and learnt to understand, respect and interact in each one of them. Particularly, I have learnt so much from watching how people from different backgrounds compete, and I’m fascinated by how differently they prepare for the ‘Olympic competitions’ in their lives, and after, when they lose or win.

Every country has favourable and unfavourable attributes. Take the sour with the sweet, like the lime and sugar in Brazil’s national cocktail the caipirinha.

I imagine Olympic athletes would deeply understand what it means to take the sour with the sweet. I wonder what goes on in their minds before competing in such high-profile events with the whole world watching them.

How do these athletes ignite the fire of the Olympic spirit and blaze through their events, incinerating fears, doubts, and the occasional past Olympic record in their wake?

 I’ve been blessed to experience, in both Brazil and Australia, the sweet Olympic values of excellence, respect,determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

Yes, I have experienced the sour as well, and in my mind that stems from ignorance, which could be overcome when one is open to continual research and learning, knowledge sharing, and constructive conversations. 

From these experiences, I find that empathising with an individual is one of the most powerful things we could do in our everyday lives. Why are they acting the way they are? What did they go through to get to where they are? How can I understand this person better? I owe this to all training that helped me understand and practice empathic listening to my personal and professional life.

Training (something every Olympian is too familiar with) is something that I believe transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary, and we don’t all have to be athletes to make this happen in our own lives.

In fact, I believe every person would benefit from weaving learning and development activities into their daily routine, because we live in a fast-changing world where agility and adaptability are vital for our survival and happiness.

At Velpic we do our part in enabling learning and development not only through innovative technology, but by sharing knowledge as well. Our CEO Russell Francis demonstrates his personal commitment to this with a live webinar on Knowledge Sharing in the Workplace on Tuesday, August 23 at 1pm AEST/ 11am AWST.

We would love you to join us at Russell’s webinar. To register, please click here.

Viva o Brasil, Viva a Austrália!