25 October 2017

Case studies: The value of Hazard Insight in mining and civil construction

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Hazard perception training saved $140,000 per month and reduced injuries by 15%. It also increased hazard reporting while reducing the frequency of safety incidents.

Inexperience, complacency and hazard blindness are major factors in workplace-related injuries and fatalities—yet they’re often not covered in safety training.

To address these three factors, we set forth to encourage the spotting of hazards and keep safety at workers’ top-of-mind. 300 workers on three mining sites and 260 workers in a civll construction company underwent training on the Hazard Insight app over a six-month period, and were rewarded with significant results.

Hazard Insight decreases LTIFR and equipment repair bills


The mining company experienced a 15% decrease in Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR), and $140,000 a month in savings from equipment damage repair bills.

Hazard Insight improves hazard reporting and reduces safety incidents


At the civil engineering company, reporting of hazards in 2017 more than doubled that in 2016, and the number of safety incidents decreased by 27%.

These findings couldn’t have come at a better time.

Despite the reduction in worker fatality and injury rates in Australia since mandatory safety training and stringent safety laws were introduced in 2003, this $60-billion-dollar-a-year problem has plateaued since 2011.

The Hazard Insight app provides a systematic way to capture, assess, analyse and make informed decisions to advance workforce safety and wellbeing.

A comprehensive system for improving workforce wellbeing

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Integrated with a versatile learning management system like Velpic, it provides one platform for risk assessment and training that is scalable for organisations of all sizes.

Please contact me if you want more information, or browse Velpic Construction for introductory videos to my proven assessment apps for both physical hazards and psychosocial risk.

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About Dr Susanne Bahn. Dr Bahn is globally recognised as an expert in hazard perception research. Her expertise focuses on strategies to improve hazard awareness skills, and address risk blindness and safety induction deafness, in workers in hazardous work environments. She is the author of two books and over 50 journal articles published in Australian and international journals.