09 August 2017

Canterbury Bulldogs step up rugby league training with Velpic Sport


The elite sportspersons of the future are created today. We start them young, and add e-learning for player development to the training mix. The results are promising.

Further to my last blog about innovative elearning using VR, I’m excited to tell you more about Velpic Sport, our new eCoaching initiative.

While it can benefit any sport, the forward-thinking Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs were the first to use Velpic Sport to raise the training bar with their Under 20s and other junior squads.

Why are we doing this?

First, research in applied sports psychology supports adding a mental practice regime to sports training programmes. 

While imagery is a popular technique used for enhancing sport performance, learning through video modelling provides an important advantage over imagery and visualisation, says Performance Psychology Coach Rob Gronbeck,

“Coaches can control what athletes see via video or observational learning. You can’t do this with mental imagery, which can be variable for different athletes.”

While good coaches often show their teams video footage of games to guide post-game analysis or pre-game preparation, great coaches can tap into next-generation online coaching software like Velpic to open up new training possibilities.

The benefits of mobile video elearning to athletes

Of course, we’re not suggesting that coaches stop gathering players together to go over training videos, provide pep talks, and enjoy other benefits of interpersonal interaction.

We’re suggesting that the e-enabled coach can achieve a lot more with blended learning.

For example, the sports coach can deliver training videos to players via their smartphones or other digital devices—along with spoken or text-based coaching notes, and general announcements.

  • Team players don’t need to wait till they see their coach to benefit from eCoaching.
  • Each player can review the content at their own pace within a common deadline set by the coach.
  • Players can learn faster and better through frequent review and repetition.
  • They can instantly check their mobiles for schedules, updates, videos, quizzes and other useful training information.
  • With such instant and convenient access, team players get 24x7 coaching support.

Adding online training doesn’t only benefit athletes; it facilitate easier and more effective coaching as well.

The eCoaching advantage for trainers and coaches

No matter what your sport is, effective communication is an important part of your team’s success.

  • You are constantly sending training updates, instructions, coaching tips, learning resources, and other useful information to your team.
  • You don’t always have to be formal and serious either. Share jokes and inspiring content to create a light and fun learning culture.

But how do you ensure everyone has read the important stuff? Or even understood it?

With the right technology, you can easily tell how everyone’s tracking from an Internet-connected device (yes, including your mobile phone).

You can also execute innovative coaching with Velpic Sport in many other ways:

  • Set quizzes within a lesson to test players’ learning retention.
  • Gather the trainee’s feedback and questions for each lesson completed.
  • Make each lesson really short to enable microlearning.
  • Link a series of lessons together to create learning pathways.
  • Make learning fun by adding achievements to aim for.
  • Introduce VR training to further immerse players in deeper learning.
  • And lots more
What results can you achieve with Velpic Sport?

The current Pathway Performance Manager and former Grade 1 player of the Canterbury Bulldogs, Andy Patmore, reports that Velpic Sport has been well received by both coaches and players,

“The Velpic process from a coaching point of view is outstanding. It closes the circle. We give information to players, they get to analyse it, retain it, and we can actually test if they have learnt it or not later on in the process . . . the Velpic online education process allows players to develop right across their game from their on-field play, to their welfare to their education process. This builds a deeper, stronger player and allows them to perform at a higher level in all areas.”

What else is possible?

The convergence of technology, education and neuroscience opens up many possibilities for enhancing sports performance. Things could get pretty complex, so how do you keep track of it all?

I like the way Dr Larry Katz and his colleagues at the Sport Technology Research Laboratory from the University of Calgary think about Research Goals for Effective Virtual Environments in an article published in the International Journal of Computer Science in Sport.

Their goals are to:

  • Create and work within virtual worlds to provide learning and skills achievement and adaptive feedback to advance sports, fitness and rehabilitation.
  • Create skills training in collaborative environments that:
    • Are scalable to many skill levels
    • Are transferable to the real world, and
    • Can be distributed over distances

I am excited that Velpic is contributing to making these possibilities a reality through the online training software we are constantly evolving.

How do I create my own Velpic Sport program?

We would love to help you get started. Contact us for a demo, or sign up for a free trial today.


About Glen Moora. Glen is a founding partner of Velpic, a versatile eLearning platform that provides next-generation learning, induction and knowledge sharing tools to engage and empower people in organisations with ease.