Tips from a corporate headhunter #4: Showcase your talent and evaluate options wisely

How do you present and market yourself effectively on paper and in person, and make wise decisions on career opportunities offered to you?

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21 November 2016

Tips from a corporate headhunter #3: Manage your personal brand online and offline

If you manage your online presence right, you could triple the number of potential opportunities you hear about, by increasing the odds of recruiters finding you.

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18 November 2016

Tips from a corporate headhunter #2: Know how the career advancement game works

Whether you are actively seeking a new role or not, you need to make sure you are aware of every relevant opportunity in your speciality and location—advertised and unadvertised.

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10 November 2016

Tips from a corporate headhunter #1: Start with a sound career management strategy

Contrary to common practice, maximising your career potential is not primarily about dusting off your old resume, adding your latest job description, and applying for advertised jobs en masse.

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03 November 2016



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