7 ways to get down to business after signing up for a partnership

So you’ve signed up for a partnership with an ISV (Independent Software Vendor). What next? It’s time to get down to business and open new doors to reap the rewards of the relationship.

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12 April 2017

Top five tips for partnering with an ISV

How do you ensure you’re going in with eyes open and a clear plan of action when choosing a technology partner?

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22 February 2017

Communication in partnerships: How to get to ‘happily ever after’ with your ISV

Communication is the backbone of any great partnership. In fact you can substitute the last word of that sentence with a whole heap of others and the statement would still ring true:

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09 February 2017

I wish online learning was more prevalent when I was in sales

I spent the better part of seven years in a field sales role.

I loved the ‘sales’ part of it, but the ‘field’ part came with its own challenges. 

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24 August 2016



Carrie Flanagan

Carrie Flanagan

Partner Program Manager