19 June 2017

7 creative tips to revitalise stale training

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Reading text on a computer screen, and clicking next.
Reading more text on a computer screen, and clicking next.

Trying your darndest not to fall asleep as a trainer drones on at the front of the room.
Looking at the back of the trainer’s head as they read things off their PowerPoint slides projected on the wall.

If that’s the flavour of what learners experience at your workplace (especially when it comes to mandatory training), it’s time to serve up more appetising food for their professional brains.

The magic trick is to increase engagement.

If your learners are engaged and not bored with the same old thing they will listen up more, interact more, and learn more.

Here are 7 creative tips to revitalise stale training:

  • Find out why
  • Switch to video
  • Enable microlearning
  • Let’s play games
  • VR Vrooom
  • Timely updates
  • Make it FUN!

#1 Find out why

Why is the training stale? Who says it’s so? Why are learners bored?

Before you leap ahead to implement all sorts of cool stuff, pause and listen, listen, listen.

What do learners really hope to achieve and is the training fulfilling those needs?

Get this part right, and you’ll succeed better at designing powerful and effective training programs. Here are some great tools from my recommended toolbox.


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#2 Switch to video

Once upon a time it was expensive and difficult to produce decent audiovisual training videos. Not anymore. Wake up and smell the fresh user-friendly online learning management system with built in multimedia editor. It’s a whole new way of learning that overcomes human limitations of time, space and fatigue.

Interactivity of video training is also easy to achieve with a next-gen LMS in your learning toolkit. You can build quizzes and tests right into the lessons as you wish, in combination with the next tip.


#3 Enable microlearning

How well learners remember depends on how well something grabs attention, is structured and processed, and linked to existing memories. The nature of microlearning experiences (short, focused, and often entertaining) provides neurological hacks for successful learning. Instead of carving out large blocks of training time that takes you away from your key occupation, microlearning gives you the agility to gain just-in-time learning and make full use of pockets of time between activities.

#4 Let’s play games

Learning new things can be hard. Especially if it is something you have to learn (low natural interest). Gamification introduces an element of fun. Start a little friendly competition to earn badges, solve puzzles, collect achievements, and progress on levels. Let the lightness of the How help overcome the heaviness of the What.

#5 VR Vroom

Applying some of these learning tips may change learner experiences from ‘boring’ to ‘interesting’, and if you want even more impact, take things to a new level by creating programs that simulate immersive learning scenarios realistically and safely.

Virtual Reality lessons can make this happen. With the rise in processing power and fall in prices of components, this option is becoming more feasible to everyday organisations, not just for aviation, medical or safety training.

#6 Timely updates

If training information is in a form that is difficult to update, it is more likely to remain stale. Remember the manual that hasn’t been updated for five years, or video that hasn’t been updated for two? Time for them to retire. Make sure your training content is up to date. There’s nothing worse than filling fresh new minds with someone’s outdated tips from two years ago!

With a state-of-the-art system, you can share current knowledge fast. Plus centralise all types of training and shareworthy information from safety inductions to work processes to equipment use to soft skills and more. If your LMS can handle different file formats, that makes you even more versatile.

#7 Make it FUN!

Making learning fun positively reinforces learning activities, whether online or offline. In fact, a blended approach tailored to your organisation’s purpose and priorities give you the best of both worlds: the chance to connect and build rapport in face-to-face interactions, and the richness and flexibility of online training options to supplement that.

So there you have it, 7 ways to freshen up your training to better serve your business. If you would like to explore how we help our happy customers do exactly this, look us up!

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