14 June 2016

4 myths that are stopping you from managing training better - Myth #1: eLearning could never be as engaging as face-to-face training


The benefits of classroom training can be enhanced by eLearning as well. Trainers and training managers don't have to live with the logistical limitations of traditional face-to-face training. 

Many trainers want to retain the benefits of direct dynamic human interaction and connection in the classroom that they believe cannot be achieved via eLearning. This is a limiting belief.

Smart technology overcomes perceived limitations, especially video-based training providing the multisensory experience of having a trainer in the room.

Studies show that:

  • Learning retention rates for eLearning could be as much as six times higher than classroom training (1), and
  • 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video(2) than read print.

A video lesson, which captures the knowledge of the expert human trainer in digital form, can be distributed to more people in more locations than that trainer could possibly put in a room at one time, and be watched separately by each learner exactly when that training is required. The human trainer’s impact is in fact enhanced manyfold because they can now essentially teach any learner anytime, repeatedly and without fatigue.

With this increase in reach and productivity comes reduced costs as well.

What is Myth #2? Find out tomorrow ...


(1) The Research Institute of America - Cited in Facts and Stats That Reveal The Power Of eLearning 2016.

(2) Forrester Research cited in 20 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Video 2012.