19 May 2016

10 tiresome things about creating training content, and what you could do about them



Hands up if you have a bittersweet relationship with content creation for training:

  • You know training is important for sharing the knowledge that makes your business great.
  • Producing that training content, however, could be a real pain.

Many companies produce training content locally, which means they use their own computers, plus software that’s installed on them. These are the companies that feel a lot of that pain, because of 10 tiresome things they assume they have to endure to create training content.

Take heart! You do NOT have to endure these annoyances which could do your business serious damage in the long run.

Do you recognise any of these 10 things as something you currently have to deal with?

#1 Paying licensing costs for content creation applications.
Even if you use a learning management system, you still need to use third-party software like PowerPoint and Adobe Premier to create training content, then upload it into the LMS for sharing. This could set you back a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and this cost usually increases with the number of users.

#2 Spending time getting training on those applications.
The higher the quality training lessons you want, the more time you need to spend on getting trained to use the software as competent user.

#3 Paying for the software and hardware needed to run applications.
Third-party content creation software often cost more that expected because your business may need to spend more on computer hardware and software upgrades just so that the application could operate smoothly.

#4 Having a hard time maintaining version control.
Let’s face it. Training content often needs to be customised for specific uses, and you also want to give your people the most up-to-date information. The nightmare of having multiple versions of the same lesson, and tracking when who completed which version is the bugbear of many training managers.

#5 Risking content loss when technology fails.
The risk of losing weeks and months of meticulous work is very real, as hardware could crash and software could be attacked by viruses. And if your system is down, your training program could come to a standstill. Very bad for business.

#6 Enduring delays due to compatibility and formatting issues.
Although online systems state they accept multiple formats for uploading, it is common experience that lessons do not display 100% the way they are meant to look offline.

#7 Having to wait for expert users to update the content.
Sometimes you just want to make a few of changes. If local creation is done by one or two technical experts, you cannot create updated content or make any changes until these people are available or new users have been trained.

#8 Spending time, money and effort on regular backups.
There is no escaping it, if you are using third-party resources you’ll have to put in the time and effort to make sure your content is reliably backed up. There are financial costs, too.

#9 Having to incur extra costs to maintain IT and create content.
Whether you outsource content creation or do it in-house, local content creation means having to pay people with specific technical skills to keep it all running smoothly.

#10 Thinking it would be too expensive or unreliable to do it any other way.
You keep doing what you are doing because that is the best way you know how. We know change tends to make people uncomfortable, but what if it was a good type of temporary discomfort, that allows you to be open to solutions you have never considered before?

Happily, we have one of the solutions you may like to consider.

And it’s probably more affordable than you think.

Instead of creating content locally, why not create content in the cloud?

The cloud is a nebulous term to some, yet the huge benefit of doing it this way is to get a secure and reliable space to create content online from your Internet browser, anytime anywhere, and not have to deal with all tiresome/annoying things that come with creating content locally.

This gives you more flexibility to deliver engaging multimedia lessons to your trainees more quickly, reduce time-consuming tasks, plus get better learning outcomes while spending less money and effort.

And in creating content in the cloud, why not use smarter software?

Something innovative that simplifies not only the content creation process, but lesson scheduling, tracking, viewing and reporting as well.

Sounds like a dream, but we have made it come true.

And we’d love to share more of it with you.

So you don’t have to spend a single iota of energy more on these 10 tiresome things, and so you could create more time and energy to focus on innovation, and what you do best. Everybody wins!